Intellectual Outputs 1 - IO1

A generic tool & method will be designed to assess key competences of adult learners from disadvantaged background to be adapted to specific contexts ( national & professional) which will combine one basic Key competence (KC) and one transversal KC- reference is made to the "8 key competences" (EC,Brussels, 2006).


4 basic KC - at least 1 per country

  • KC1 -  communication in the mother tongue,
  • KC2 - communication in foreign languages,
  • KC3 - mathematical competence and basic competences in science and technology.
  • KC4 - digital competence (IST) and thus basic skills in information and communication technology (ICT);

4 transversal KC - at least one per country

  • KC5 -  learning to learn
  • KC6 - social and civic competences.
  • KC7 - sense of initiative and entrepreneurship is the ability to turn ideas into action
  • KC8 -  cultural awareness and expression

The dispatching has already been made among the partners depending on their "publics".

  1. France will combine  KC1 and KC6
  2. Spain will combine KC 2 and KC8
  3. Finland will combine  KC4 and KC7
  4. Lithuania will combine KC3 and KC 5
  5. Poland will combine KC1 and KC5
A tool & process to identify and assess key competences among learners from disadvantaged backgrounds/with fewer opportunities
Intellectual output 1 from the Key tutors project
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