Intellectual Outputs 2 - IO2

The education guidance is an educational book aiming to have concrete methods for working on key competences of adult learners with disadvantaged backgrounds. It  aims to support professionals of adult education to better train and accompany adult learners from disadvantaged backgrounds to be able to understand and apply the competence approach and to be able to identify and assess at least one basic Key competence/one transversal Key competence. It will be a reference for all stakeholders in the adult education field.


This education guidance will be composed of differents parts :

  • Introduction by an expert, selected on the basis of his/her experience in the field,
  • Presentation of the tool & method designed by IO1,
  • Presentation of tool & method to support learning of key competences by adult learners,
  • Conclusion & Perspectives for the sustainability of the Key Tutor approach.
Methodological guide
Educational guide for the assessment of Key competences among disadvantaged adult learners
Key Tutors- Ebook Final version.pdf
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