Familles Rurales Regional Federation of  Pays de la Loire, France

“Familles Rurales des Pays de la Loire” represents :

  • 42000 families’ members,
  • 500 local associations,
  • 10,000 volunteers
  • and 4 departmental federations.

 The regional network implements:

  • Proximity activities (childhood home, animation for child and youth, cultural activities, families activities...),
  • And accompanying activities (associative life support, local development and territorial animation, training, development of European cooperation, representation of the interests of families in many instances).

The regional Federation, association created in 1982,

  • Coordinates the action of 5 departmental federations,
  • Led regional scope projects,
  • Develops trainings for adults,
  • Develop European co-operation,
  • And promotes the interests of families at the regional level. 

Recognized training organization, the regional federation trains 80 adults’ learners in the socioeducative field per year. In all its trainings are integrated period in enterprises (representing 60% of the total time of the training).


The quality of tutoring is a major concern of the federation.


Today,  the team notes an increase in the number of adult learners with some difficulties in training with issues such as writing difficulties, oral expression, behavior problems, lack of confidence and self-esteem, lack of competences in basic software (word, Excel) ...


Local enterprises tutors, who are professionals training adults in their world of work, also deal with accompanying difficulties of these learners, by a lack of tools, learning materials suitable for this disadvantaged public.

 Key person 1 - Vanessa Couvreux-Chapeau, deputy director, leads the project for the Federation . She is responsible for the training of association managers.

Key person 2 - Karine Perrouin, Adult Training Manager, specialised in the training of leaders in socioeducative field with a relevant knowledge of adult learners and strong working relationship with the  host organizations of the tutoring actions.