INFODEF, Institut for the Promotion of Development and Training, Spain



INFODEF, Institute for the Promotion of  Development and Training, is a private and independent center for Research, Development and Innovation whose mission is to design and carry out projects that contribute to achieve a sustainable and inclusive development through education, culture and innovation.


The center designs and develops innovative tools, methodologies, products and services that respond to current social and economic challenges and enable to anticipate and drive the changes needed to achieve future goals and objectives in society.


INFODEF supports the modernization of educational systems and the pedagogical innovativeness of public and private educational institutions at national and European levels.


Key person 1 - Jesús Boyano is co-founder and and General Manager of INFODEF. He is also lecturer and researcher at the Faculty of Education and Social Work of the University of Valladolid. He has been for many years Projects Manager and Head of the European Projects and Studies Unit at the University of Valladolid General.

Key person 2 - Federico Campos is projects Manager at INFODEF, he has more than 10 years of experience in the design of innovative methodologies and the management of training and counseling programmes for disadvantage groups.