IRIV Conseil, France

The Institute of Research and Information on Volunteering aims to improve knowledge and practice within the nonprofit sector.

It has created iriv Conseil in 2000 in order to carry on the studies and trainings both an a national and a European level .The pilot project Leonardo da Vinci, the iriv initiated and directed between 2003 and 2006- VAEB (Assessing a Voluntary experience) was awarded in Helsinki, in 2006, for “excellent practice in addressing the priorities of the Copenhagen process and promoting an enhanced European cooperation in vocational education and training”. The results of its projects are available on : for Volunteering and for Migration issues. 

Furthermore, to improve knowledge on Volunteering and Migration issues among the general public, the iriv has edited a Newsletter since September 2004, les rives de l’iriv ( It has also designed a portal open to the general public: in order to share all its publications. It has organized or co-organized several conferences since 1998 both on national and European levels.

Bénédicte Halba, doctor in Economics (University Paris I-Panthéon Assas, 1996)  funding President of the Institute for Research and Information on Volunteering (iriv, since 1997) and director of iriv conseil (since 2000).