Project presentation

This project, which lasts 2 years (2015-2017) is co-financed by the European union through the Erasmus + program , strategic partnership, adult education.


Key tutors project aims to facilitate inclusion and evolution of adult on the job market .


The project aims more particularly the adults having certain difficulties, not mastering all the key-competences.


Indeed, the fact that adult learners don’t master the key-competences is an obstacle to their good integration on the labor market.


So, the 6 partners are going to work during two years to develop tools of evaluation and acquisition of 8 keys competences for adults learners having difficulties.


These tools will be the object of intellectual productions at the end of the project. They will lean on courses of trainings and of experimentation with tutors (professionals, end trainers) and will associate adults learners.


Each partner wil work on 2 key compétences.


This collaborative approach with partners at the national and transnational level ( 5 countries) is going to allow the innovation of intellectual productions usable for the professionals to accompany better the adults in situation of training and in working situation.