Finish tutors profiles

  • Main tutors in Jyväskylä / Central Finland
  • Co-operative tutors in North of Finland and South-East and West of Finland


They are very in link with employment, rehabilitation, training and pedagogy.


They are:

  • Project manager and developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Expert
  • Tutor in the project
  • Founder and manager of a Multicultural Centre
  • Directors of foundations
  •  Job coach
  • Psychiatric nurse and an individual coach
  • Individual coach
  • Youth worker and leaders
  • VET teacher
  • Social worker in workshops
  • NLP-practitioner re-teaming coach



 They have high qualifications:

  • Master of Philosophy,
  • Degree in project management, in guidance of young people and network co-operation
  • Master of Social Sciences
  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Sport and Health Sciences
  • Master’s Degree in Rehabilitation and qualifications in coaching.
  • Master’s Degree in Social Sciences
  • BA in Humanities, Community Educator
  • BA in Business Administration
  • BA in Social Services
  • Job coaching and vocational qualifications in carpentry
  • Bachelor of Business Administration)
  • Bachelor of Social Services
  • Bachelor of Workshop Pedagogy
  • Qualification in coaching and tutoring
  • Vocational and VET teacher qualifications
  • BA in Education