Polish tutors profiles

Fass organisation selected tutors who are organizers of care services for city / district.

  • Social workers, psychologists, teachers and oligophrenopedagogy, medical professionals
  • Higher education
  • Several years of experience in professional work capacity
  • Tutors continuously improve their professional skills
  • 100% women aged 25-50 years

They are:

  • Educator therapist,
  • Pedagogue,
  • Medical masseur,
  • Social workers,
  • Social mediator,
  • Therapist for autistic children,
  • Probation officer, hippotherapy coach, trainer for crisis intervention,
  • Educator at night shelters for the homeless, the coach of the project "Your Chance", organizer of the Senior Club.

They have high qualifications :

  • Master of nursing,
  • MA in psychology, specializing in psychotherapy,
  • Master of rehabilitation pedagogy,
  • MA in clinical psychology,
  • MA in addiction prevention and therapy,
  • Post-secondary school medical caretaker,
  • Master of pedagogy, specializing in rehabilitation and therapy,
  • Magister of pedagogy and upbringing,
  • Bachelor degree of nursing,
  • MA in psychology,
  • MA in rehabilitation,
  • Bachelor in paramedic.