Spanish tutors profiles

10 tutors are involved in the project. They come from 2 organisations:




  • Umbrella organization of NGOs and VET centers aming to provide support to migrants.
  • Employment and training activities with migrant people, including:
  • Teaching-learning of courses, KC 2 Communication in foreign language (Spanish as a second language for migrants).


  • VET Center of the City Council, in charge of the training programmes and courses of continuous VET.
  • Mixed training programmes (Work-based Learning).
  • Participants have a labor contract with the City Council during the training programmes.

Most typical profile:

  • Educators and social workers, experts in career guidance with a long experience working with unprivileged groups and migrants.
  • Psychologist, economist and sociologist experts in educational programmes, counselling and career guidance.
  • Bachelors in Spanish Language and Literature and English Language and Literature, experts in innovative methodologies for teaching-learning languages.